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Steve Whitney was formed in 1978 and was the creation of Guitarist Christian (WHITNEY) Wiedemeier and Bassist Rolf (STEVE) Schlup.

They started the band in their home town of Würenlos Switzerland, playing the first gig at the now famous Würenloser Rock Happening. The first release was the single Rolling down the Road, followed soon after by the second single Judy in Disguise, featuring Michael (Heddy)Hedderich (Guitar) and Scheffi on (Drums).

In 1980 it was decided that the band should have an English singer so an advert was placed in the British music paper the Melody Maker and they were soon joined by Vocalist Mick Hudson. Due to other commitments Heddy and Sheiffi left the band and were replaced by Lead Guitarist Andy Lindsey from Scotland and Drummer Pete Leeman from Switzerland. After two months rehearsing the band were ready to record their first Album "HotLine" which was recorded in June 1980 at Platinum One Studios.Oberehrindingen Switzerland. The Producer for this album was Martin Pearson who had just had International success at the same Studio with "Metal Rendezvous" from Swiss band Krokus.

Steve Whitney Band were lucky to be able to promote " Hot Line" as support for Krokus on their 1981 Swiss tour .

More changes took place with the Band at the end of 1980. Andy Lindsey and Pete Leeman were replaced by Guitarist Rob Seales from England and Swiss Drummer Gary Steimer. This lead the Band to record the second album "Night Fighting" in 1982 at New Sound Studios Zurich Switzerland. The Producer for this album was "Krokus" Bassist Chris von Rohr with the help of Martin Pearson again this time acting as Studio Engineer. "Night Fighting" was promoted this time by the band securing a tour of Germany Belgium Luxembourg and Switzerland supporting " The most famous Hungarian Band "Omega".

Financial problems and lack of interest from the Record Company forced the Band to quit at the end of 1982. Mick Hudson and Rob Seales returned to England leaving Christian Wiedemeier and Rolf Schlup to form the band "Sergeant" after a few months Rob Seales returned as Guitarist with "Sergeant" with and Pete Prescott supplying Vocals.

Steve Whitney was resurrected in 1987 again by Christian Wiedemeier. Vocalist Mick Hudson returned from England and the Band returned to the Studio to record a cover version of the Leo Sayer hit "More Than I Can Say". Produced again by Martin Pearson.

In 1988 Keyboard player Mark Salvisburg and Bassist Cley Trento joined the Band together with Drummer Gary Steimer and Guitarist Michael (Heddy) Hedderich again. This saw the release of the third album and first CD "Striptease" which was recorded at Artag Studios Zurich Switzerland. Produced by Reini Birri.
Cley Trento and Gary Steimer were replaced by Bassist Ueli Hoffstetter and Drummer Dani Zimmerman.

In 1990 the Steve Whitney Band decided to Record their forth release "Masquerade". Recorded at Ege Studios Bad Shussereid Germany.

Stuart Epps who had previously worked producing Led Zeppelins "TO CODA " album Elton Johns "NIKITA" and Twisted Sister was flown in from England to Produce and Engineer "Masquerade".
This was the Bands first real success reaching No 18 in the Swiss Hit Parade.

Dani Zimmerman left the band to join Swiss band "Satrox" and was replaced by Drummer D.D Felix. The Band continued to play Festivals and clubs throughout Switzerland and Germany during 1990.
In 1994 the Band were back in the Studio again to record their Fifth album "Boys In Blue". Recorded at Soundville Studios Luzern Switzerland, Produced by Hans Peter Huber and Whitney Sound Engineer Urs Meier. Hans Peter Huber had returned to Switzerland from the U.S.A where he had previously worked with "Motley Crue" and "Gun's n Roses".

At the end of 1994 Keyboard player Mark Salvisburg Bassist Ueli Hoffstetter and Drummer D.D Felix left the band and were replaced by Drummer Dani Zimmerman and this time Bassist Schiti Kernen.

The Band decided to to carry on writing and rehearsing for their next project this time without Keyboards. It was felt that the Band needed a change of scenery and so this leaves us with the release of the Last CD "Mad as a Hatter" which was recorded in July 1996 at Mad Hat Studios Walsall England.
Produced by "Magnum's" Sound Engineer Mark Stuart and Whitney's own Urs (Metal) Meier.

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